Detailed Info about Philippines Call Center

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Detailed Info about Philippines Call Center

Сообщение coolerfreezer111 » Вт апр 16, 2019 11:58 am

Let us consider other factors that might bring down the outsourcing contact center companies in these countries. In the U.S., the major political push has been to try to keep the jobs that it has been losing to offshore outsourcing. Ever since the loan mortgage crisis, millions of jobs have been lost. First, jobs from banks, lending institutions, and anything connected to the real estate market (including construction supplies and services, architecture, and engineering) have all dwindled. Then other industry jobs followed suit especially those in car and luxury retail. And with the already popular offshore outsourcing of call center, web design, computer programming, and other major information technology jobs, the public outrage against outsourcing in general went up to a fever pitch. This is why the Obama administration took the stand against offshore outsourcing.

So with all these against Indian and Detailed Info about Philippines Call Center , how will these industries fair? Well, both industries are still open. Both industry showcase competitiveness because of their specific geographical location full of English speaking, educated workforce (as compared to China and Latin America where the wages and business expenses may be just as low but not everyone can speak English Fluently). And it seems there is still some growth in these sectors. Indian call centers and other offshore outsourcing in that country does not show any signs of stopping. In the Philippines this year, there is a 9% growth in the BPO sector. Also, Telus, a major global BPO company has plans on expanding this year by building another center in the Philippines. Also, there is a 9% growth in the Philippine call center industry's income in the recent fiscal year. That may not be as high as normally projected, but considering the economic conditions, 9% growth is pretty good.
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