Let the games begin: Premier League transfer window is now o

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Let the games begin: Premier League transfer window is now o

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Four days after the 2017/18 season came to a close, wwwpic5678 the Premier League transfer window has opened with all eyes already on next season.Last summer, the amount spent smashed all records, reaching 1,590 million euros, a 23 percent increase on 2016, according to Deloitte.Until June 9, transfers can only be completed between British clubs, but the decision was taken as the transfer window will close before the season starts for the first time, closing on August 9, two days before the first fixtures of 2018/19.In a vote, 14 teams voted in favour of the change, whilst five (Manchester United, Manchester City, Watford, Swansea and Crystal Palace) voted against and Burnley abstained. The idea is to avoid the situation in which selling clubs are left without time to react if players force a move after the season has already begun. In another change, wwwpic5678 the transfer window will shut in the early evening rather than late at night, as has been the case previously.Television money and player sales will continue to fund big spending from England as spending has gone from 626 million euros to 1.59 billion euros in just six years, compared to figures of 567m euros and 814m euros in Bundesliga and Serie A respectively.In the winter market, the Premier League led the way again, spending 476m euros, 204m euros more than in 2016/17 and 372m euros more than in 2012/13. wwwpic5678
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