ones available here. The Bengals’ last two first-round lineb

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ones available here. The Bengals’ last two first-round lineb

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How the Bengals can exploit the Falcons’ depleted defense In recent years White Drew Sample Jersey , the strength of the Atlanta Falcons defense has been their speed at linebacker and safety. When linebacker Deion Jones got hurt, it meant a larger role for second-year player Duke Riley and that rookie Foyesade Oluokun would see some time as well. This is a definite drop off in speed. With the injury to safety Keanu Neal, safety Ricardo Allen transitioned from a mostly deep field player, to Neal’s role rocked down into the box. Now, the Falcons have also lost Allen, leaving the safety duties to Damontae Kazee and Jordan Richards. This position has become a liability for the team. In Week 2, Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey had 14 receptions. In Week 3, Saints running back Alvin Kamara had 15 receptions. The lack of speed at linebacker and talent at safety could mean a big day for Bengals pass-catching running back Giovani Bernard in Week 4. It could also mean a great day for wide receivers running slants and posts.In the clip below, Saints tight end Ben Watson has no trouble releasing on Falcons rookie defensive back Isaiah Oliver, and Brees drops the ball in right over the head of Kazee. This is a position that Neal likely would have been in weeks earlier and his reaction and speed would have made it much more difficult. Here, Panthers rookie wide receiver D.J. Moore finds the void in the secondary created by the No. 3 receiver running vertical. This is good scheme that is seen week in a week out in the NFL. The real problem is what happens next. Both Riley and Richards fail to make the tackle, and the play results in a touchdown. Without the sure tackling Neal and Jones, the Falcons defense is vulnerable to yardage on runs after the catch. This is a simple checkdown to Kamara on first and 10. Riley’s angle hurts him Drew Sample Jersey Mens , and Kamara is able to outrun him to the first-down marker. In this situation, Jones likely makes the play for a short gain and the Saints face second down.After catching the short pass, Kamara squares up Kazee. Kamara makes a cut that causes Kazee to dive for his ankles and miss the tackle. In this situation, Neal may very well have made the play and prevented the first down.The injured trio of Falcons were also strong run defenders. In the clip below, Riley should make the play on McCaffrey but fails. Riley is not as strong of a tackler as Jones, and he is fortunate to get an assist from linebacker De’Vondre Campbell before McCaffrey got out into the open field.On this play, Riley is picked up by the pulling center and does not have a prayer. The center immediately kicks him out of the hole creating a large running lane for McCaffrey. Riley needs to anchor himself and take on the block with strength, holding his ground and fighting to disengage as the running back approaches. The Bengals can absolutely take advantage of the injuries the Falcons have suffered on defense. They should be able to get a lot of production out of Bernard as both a rusher and a receiver and work the middle of the field in the pass game with A.J. Green (if healthy) and company. Of all the players who could be there at 11, Devin White might be the one who’d make the greatest impact of them all."The 2019 NFL Draft is almost here, and we’re wrapping up our 11 for 11 draft series with the man who’s been most projected the most to Cincinnati. After all, linebacker is where the Bengals need to focus early in this year’s draft, as their one playmaker away from not only upgrade thait unit, but also making this defense a force to be reckoned with.White has been projected to go as high as No. 5 overall to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Billy Price Jersey , and he’s deserving of such a high pick. However, linebacker isn’t a premium position in today’s NFL, which is why a top-five talent like him could slip to No. 11, where he’d be a great addition. Here’s why the Bengals should take White at No. 11:He’s the best 4-3 linebacker in this draft, something the Bengals must address early.He’d be great value at No. 11, as many experts have White ranked as a top five prospect, including ESPN and CBS Sports. No linebacker in college football had a higher PFF grade in coverage than White’s 91.6 last season. The Bengals’ linebackers were consistently awful vs. the pass under Marvin Lewis. He’d by a Day 1 starter and make an immediate impact for the Bengals, which should be the goal with their first pick of the Zac Taylor era. Nick Vigil, Hardy Nickerson (RFA) and Brandon Bell (RFA) hit free agency next year, so the Bengals need a quality linebacker under contract for the next 4-5 years. The dropoff at linebacker after White and Michigan’s Devin Bush in this draft is very steep, so much that there may not be one worth taking until Round 3 for Cincinnati. Now, here’s why the Bengals should pass on White at No. 11:A 4-3 linebacker has only so much value in today’s NFL, and the No. 11 pick could be used to get great players at more important positions. There’s a good chance Dwayne Haskins is on the board here Jessie Bates Jersey , and he may be the Bengals’ best chance at an upgrade over Andy Dalton for the foreseeable future. Linebacker is a big need, but so too is offensive tackle, a position of more value, and there should be some good ones available here. The Bengals’ last two first-round linebackers were Keith Rivers (2008) and David Pollack (2005), while their second-round picks include Dontay Moch (2011), Rey Maualuga (2009), Odell Thurman (2005). They’ve simply been bad at spending premium picks on linebackers.Adding to that, Rivers is the only top-11 pick Cincinnati has spent on a linebackersince Joe Kelly in 1986. It’s just not a position Cincinnati has ever placed high value on when it comes to high draft picks. All told, the good greatly outweighs the bad, and that porous history of drafting linebackers should not apply to White, who is easily one of the best overall players in this draft. He’s as close to a perfect fit as Cincinnati can hope for at No. 11. If White is on the board when the Bengals are on the clock, I believe he’s the first pick of the Zac Taylor era.
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