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Lucas Vazquez Spain Jersey

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Surrounded by the waters of Mediterranean Mikel San Jose Spain Jersey , Sardinia is well known for exciting water sports, the most famous being sailing and windsurfing. Discover why Sardinia is the best place to engage in these sports and find out why enthusiasts keep coming back.


Although Sardinia's coastline is an extraordinary sailing destination with hundreds of private coves, stunning beaches and dramatic rock formations, it remains surprisingly unknown to many. Sailors are particularly attracted to the island because of its diverse coastline-from the dunes of the Costa Verde to the deep emerald coves and cliffs of Cala Gonone, no stretch is the same as the next.

There are two winds in Sardinia that ensure the perfect conditions for dynamic sailing: the Sahara wind Chirocco and the Maestrale. The Maestrale mostly blows along the west coast, a very powerful west to northwest wind.

If it is your first time to sail in Sardinia's waters, you'd better be a very competent sailor yourself or take an experienced skipper with you. Familiarize yourself with the area's nautical literature and navigational requirements.

A lot of seasoned travelers choose to explore Sardinia aboard a sailboat. They sail along, for instance, from the coasts of Costa Smeralda, to escape the glitz and glamour Mario Gaspar Spain Jersey , so they can discover semi-deserted beaches and time-forgotten villages.

Marinas are superior infrastructure circling the island with a 30-sea mile gap between each establishment. Get yourself a copy of "Beaches and Harbours," a comprehensive list of the island's 86 marinas. This guide includes nautical maps and is available for free from Sardinia Tourist Authority (ESIT).


With winds coming from every direction and a 200-kilometer stretch coastline, Sardinia is heaven for windsurfers and kite surfers. Although North Sardinia is more popular among windsurfers, the southern part of the island also offers optimum winds and wave conditions.

Over the past few years, a stream of windsurfing schools and centers have sprung up at well-loved windsurf spots, offering beginners water sports lessons.

Porto Pollo (also known as Porto Puddu) near Palau is Sardinia's best windsurfing destination. It is renowned as one of the best in Europe. Porto Pollo's three main attractions are its expansive white sandy beaches, turquoise water, and consistent winds. Both the Chirocco wind from the Sahara and the Maestrale wind from the northwest blow in the area, thus ensuring constantly perfect windsurfing conditions.

Keep in mind that this is not the right place for beginners. You're better off somewhere else if you're looking for peace and quiet. Should you opt to try the sport, you will be totally looked after by your instructors; there is a protected Marc Bartra Spain Jersey , glassy flat side of the bay where you can test your skills. If not, prepare to be awed by the sight of many colorful sails gliding over glistening waters.
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